Harry Potter and the science of the future

While searching the web for information about the power of storytelling to induce change I came across this great blog post from the “Status of Chinese People” about how the Chinese government is investing in imaginative fiction to try to address the gaps between the China and “the West”.

According to a report by the China Youth Research Centre and the Beijing Normal University, Chinese schools are among the best are teaching technical abilities they are failing to inspire “curiosity, imaginative capacity, appetite for challenge, and appetite for risk.”

The Chinese Government is apparently trying to increase the curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit of its future leaders by introducing more imaginative fiction into the curriculum.

I wonder if the imaginations of the creators of Star Trek and Star Wars have been responsible for inspiring the inquisitive mindsets behind many of the technological revolutions that have occurred during my lifetime, and whether Harry Potter will be responsible for many of those of the future?

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